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Meet the Artist

Hanna Choi is an emerging young artist from Seoul, South Korea.

After graduating from Brigham Young University in 2017, Hanna found her love for oil painting. Since then, Hanna especially found a combination of contemporary modern art style with traditional realism very fascinating.

Hanna has a deep passion for creating arts that fill the world a little more with the light of Christ, which is often portrayed in her painting through motherhood, babies and gospel theme. Hanna is currently enjoying motherhood with her sweet baby and working towards her dream to have her painting in the temples one day.


2016 National Association of Schools of Arts and Design, Provo, UT

2019 Book of Mormon Art Exhibition , McKay Library Special Collection, Rexburg, ID

2019 Yellowstone Teton Gallery, St Anthony, ID

2019 JSMB Christmas Art Showcase at Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT

2020 Yellowstone Teton Gallery, St. Anthony, ID

2020 Willard Art Gallery, Idaho Falls, ID

2020 ACA Bicentennial Exhibition, Salt Lake City, UT

2021 Certain Women Art Show, Salt Lake City, UT

2021 JSMB Christmas Art Showcase at Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT

2022 JKR Gallery, Provo, UT



2019 The Center for Latter-day Saints Arts, New York, NY

2021 The Salt Lake Tribune, October 10.



2019 Exponent ii Magazine Scholarship, Salt Lake City, UT



2019 Third place, “Heirs of the Kingdom”, Book of Mormon Art Exhibition, Special Collection, Rexburg, ID

2020 Commendation Certificate, “Heirs of the Kingdom”, ACA Bicentennial Exhibition, Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT



Inspirational Art Association (IAA)

Alliance of Covenant Artist (ACA)

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